Our concept

The combination of 100 beauty essences to work closely with your skin.

In order to give you the most beautiful skin possible today, we study what makes it special, its character, and the signs of fatigue. We then develop a skin-specific treatment program you've only dreamt of : a mix of prodigious essences for a beautiful, unique skin. “EN” offers you high-end skincare beauty treatments. All our treatments are prepared by hand then applied and delicately absorbed into your skin. Immersed in the relaxing scent of our products, each breath will bring you closer to the beauty you desire. High quality care for an excellent skin. Prepare yourself for a world of new and beautiful skin.

Our essences

Technical excellence, rigorous selection for refined and delicate essences.

At “EN”, we use beauty products from raw material essences. Our products are made from extracts of organically grown plants, our scrubs composed of precious rock salts, and our powders from Japanese tea leaves. Each ingredient is selected from the best elements in the world, then refined and bottled in Japan. Much like how Japanese cuisine knows how to bring out the full flavor of its carefully chosen ingredients, the essences in “EN” ’s beauty products are created in Japan through sophisticated refining techniques and the strictest of quality control to get the most out of the hand-picked raw material.

Our technique

Taking care of your face and skin means taking care of your mind.

Oriental tradition states that when the external appearance of skin varies, such as a spot that suddenly appears or premature wrinkles, these variations are caused by internal changes. So much so that there is an expression that says, “the skin is a mirror for the organs”. At “EN”, we rely on Oriental aesthetic philosophy to pinpoint reasons for unhealthy skin. These could be your physical state as well as your posture, your daily habits, or diet. We use a mix of essences carefully selected to best match your skin. By marrying traditional French creams and Oriental massage techniques similar to Shiatsu, which come from a long history of beauty, we give your skin its best appearance.

Our products

Beauty products based on prodigious essences that have the power to bring out the best condition of your skin.

An undiluted beauty product is a beauty product made from essences with a higher degree of purity. Beauty products from the brand “EN” contain essences extract from rigorously selected raw material and are undiluted which means more dense, purer, and a higher quality product. What’s more, because they contain no extras, they absorb directly into your skin upon first contact. The brand “EN” creates and prepares beauty products that best suit your skin and brings out your most beautiful self.
Treatment menu

Facial treatment

100min/ 220€

(including counselling)

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