Our Base Products

Our base products create the foundation and platform do design a customer skincare solution. Our essences can be added to each of the base products for a specialized effect, the essences can be used independently as a bespoke serum.

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Our cleansing balm is like none other. With natural orange oils to create a refreshing experience to nourish the skin with royal jelly and hydrating ingredients to make your evening ritual simple yet complete. Customize this step with our different exfoliation powders. See more….




Our range of lotions can help to wipe away any remaining scrub with a cotton swab, and can be used to hydrate and tone the skin as well. See more…



oils (massage & hydration)

Our range of different oils for each type of use and skin need. They can be blended with other ingredients to match skin type and intended use, such as for our in-salon massage rituals. See more…



moisture Gel (masks & hydration)

The rich gel is a perfect platform to not only hydrate the skin, but to also use as a mask that allows the skin to absorb the special selection of essences chosen for your custom treatments. See more…



moisture cream

End your skin care ritual with the cream that glides over your skin, designed to be just right to allow the skin to absorb the special ingredients chosen for your custom skincare treatment. See more…